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Dolibarr install or upgrade - Configuration file

webserver Web server

Without the slash "/" at the end
  • /var/www/dolibarr/htdocs
  • C:/wwwroot/dolibarr/htdocs
Without the slash "/" at the end
It is recommended to use a directory outside of the web pages.
  • /var/lib/dolibarr/documents
  • C:/My Documents/dolibarr/documents
  • http://localhost/

webserver Dolibarr Database

Database name
Database type
Name or ip address for the database server. Usually 'localhost' when the database server is hosted on the same server as the web server.
Database server port. Keep empty if unknown.
Database table prefix. If empty, defaults to llx_.
Check the box if the database does not exist yet and so must be created.
In this case, you must also fill in the user name and password for the superuser account at the bottom of this page.
User account for the Dolibarr database owner.
Password for Dolibarr database owner.
Check the box if:
the database user account does not yet exist and so must be created, or
if the user account exists but the database does not exist and permissions must be granted.
In this case, you must enter the user account and password and also the superuser account name and password at the bottom of this page. If this box is unchecked, database owner and password must already exist.

webserver Database server - Superuser access

Superuser account name (to create new databases or new users), mandatory if the database or its owner does not already exist.
Leave empty if superuser has no password (NOT recommended)